Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sydney March 2011

Stayed in Sydney for 5 days at Circular Quay. It has become such a ritual...drop off stuff at hotel, soak up energy of Circular Quay, eat lunch at MOCA, go to Parkers, drop goodies off at hotel, walk to AGNSW (one of the 7 Delights of the World)...
  found myself this wonderful little hill top position next to the Botanical Gardens where I wheeled my new (oh I love it)  painting back pack  late each afternoon and  painted.(  found wearing  black was the go ...people give you a wider birth...one doesnt look so friendly...unlike red  a beacon for the curious)...This quadtych was my favourite piece. I am working with smaller sized and better  quality paper.. ..prefering the hot pressed paper as it is smoother.
besides the food , and getting distracted in the delightful retro shops big time...the highlights were visiting the Wendy Sharpe retrospective show twice at the S. H. Ervin Gallery (i so admire her dedication) and discovering Kate Rhodes (i so admire her letting go ), and it was a delight to meet Pat Hayward potter( so quirky , so one off...trouble is that also means you cant actually order anything ...got to just be at the right place at the right time...next right place being 13 May at Maitland Gallery ...to be considered

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maleny Plein Air painting

Glasshouse Mountains
After having driven around Glasshouse Mts everywhere trying to find "the spot" for painting, found a comfortable, quiet view of the mountains from a distance. I realise they arnt very big mountains, none the less I really like mountains.

Shorncliffe Plein Air painting Day 2

Someone needs to collect their tank. It was washed up along with masses of other debris after the Jan 2011  flood. The picture is meant as a dyptch.Thankyou Linda for taking piccies.

Shorncliffe Plein Air Painting

I painted these 2 one afternoon. The tide was coming in pretty steadily . I really liked all the little dotty rocks .

2nd Day Woolumbin

Plein Air Painting at Woolumbin (Mt Warning Caldera)

These are my drawings from a Plein Air painting trip to Mt Warning. It was such a magic location facing the Pinnacle... had to go back for more the next day.