Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lake Weyba Residency


Besides being an artist I have a real passion for saving whats left of our natural environment in S.E.Qld and especially that of the Sunshine Coast, which has led me to starting an artist residency at Eumarella Shores Lakeside Cottages, Lake Weyba.
In my role as Secretary of Coolum Development Watch, I happened to learn of a substantial impending development application at Lake Weyba, and become acquainted with  "Friends of Lake Weyba" a lobby group dedicated to protecting the ecological values of Lake Weyba.
The artist residency I am embarking on is in collaboration with Eumarella Shores, and Friends of Lake Weyba. The purpose is to bring attention to the rich, natural, biodiversity that currently exists in this fragile and precious ecosystem, and to create great artwork for an upcoming,end of the year group art exhibition,(with Elizabeth Poole and Robyn Fox). In this blog I intend to document the process.