Thursday, July 30, 2015

Coochiemudlo Island 29 July 2015

 Another day in paradise. So fortunate to get in another day of plein air work, with fellow artist friend Nicola on Coochiemudlo Island.
We walked around the Eastern side, where there has been more erosion than in previous visits.
There's a number of  spectacular uprooted dead tree trunks on the north eastern side of this island which I couldn't resist working with.
I found some sea sponge for mark making  and proceeded to be captivated sponge marking  many sheets of paper.

 I also came across the remains of a turtle which felt like a gift. Below is this amazing sharp bone like structure and also a paddle like structure. I found it next to a clean turtle skull, and some turtle shell.  The  asymmetrical shape of this turtle carapace structure is amazing and I plan to continue working with it. (This photo has decided to be up side down)

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